Top 10 Enterprise Networking Solution Companies in Europe - 2019
Rethinking Enterprise Networks

Top 10 Enterprise Networking Solution Companies in Europe - 2019

Today, networking is not just about fast access and following the latest IEEE network speed standards, it is also about the way networks are designed, planned, and set up. The limitations of classical approaches that are often bandwidth hungry and incapable to handle the ever-increasing number of devices/clients, and the mounting security threats, has lead to a networking paradigm that never stops evolving.

With the adoption of WAVE 2 Wi-Fi, enterprises today truly realize the power of Gigabit wireless network. This is helping them build an IT infrastructure that is conducive with the growing number of WAVE 2-enabled devices, BYOD trend, IoE, and wireless office. Also, it is widely accepted fact that the ongoing year is all about Software-Defined Networking (SDN). Truly so, SDN has simplified the enterprise networking landscape by enabling the implementation and monitoring of complex network configurations with just a few clicks. Gartner, for instance, predicts that 30 percent of enterprises will deploy SD-WAN technologies by 2019.

In an endeavour to address the changing networking space, Enterprise Networking Magazine has compiled a list of Top 10 Enterprise Networking Solution Providers in Europe to guide enterprises in harnessing the power of current networking technologies. These firms have established a loyal customer base for themselves by offering solutions that align with the latest networking techniques and customer requirements.

In this edition we are glad to feature companies like consistec, Keysight Technologies and ProjectBinder that are at the forefront of offering groundbreaking Networking solutions.

We present to you Enterprise Networking Magazine’s “Top 10 Enterprise Networking Solution Providers in Europe - 2019.”

    Top Enterprise Networking Solution Companies in Europe

  • consistec Engineering & Consulting GmbH is an innovative company on a mission to create increased business value for organizations by using their network data. The company offers caplon, a suite of high-performance network tracing and monitoring solutions that monitor quality, performance, and security of the IT and OT infrastructure as well as critical business applications. The company has built cutting-edge technologies that can capture data without even a single packet loss even at very high data rates. With a built-in data analysis mechanism, consistec’s solutions provide a comprehensive view of all processes running in the network and full control over their IT and OT infrastructures from the operations and security perspective

  • Helps businesses accelerate their network and data centre innovations for electronic design, test, and performance optimisation with solutions for design simulation, prototype validation, and manufacturing test. The company’s goal is to enable customers to uncover issues early, optimise performance, and quickly introduce new products within their cost envelope without compromising quality. Recently, Keysight announced its new network test solution—N4891A 400GBASE FEC-aware compliance test solution, which helps customers identify performance and interoperability issues, early in the design and validation process of their data centre-related devices. With its N4891A 400GBASE, Keysight is helping the industry transition from 400GE readiness to massive 400GE deployments

  • With its experienced IT and automation specialists, ProjectBinder supports manufacturers to select the right set of technologies to strike a balance between the IT and automation departments. The company works with several aspects of a project, including technical and infrastructure, as well as various levels within an organization, from the strategic advisory to the top management for achieving the benefits of Industry 4.0. ProjectBinder’s team can sufficiently handle a project and lay the foundation for Industry 4.0 technologies including IoT, cloud, security-solutions, robotics, AI, and more

  • Avodaq


    avodaq AG is one of the leading German providers of modern IT infrastructure for multinational companies and service providers. As a system integrator, avodaq stands for quality and reliability as well as for superior expertise. The company successfully implements projects where others have long surrendered. And there is also their passion for technology as well as sharp insight. From the full range of products in the IT market, avodaq develops that one solution, which guarantees the highest possible success, with certified quality. The company takes on the preparatory consulting and analyzing, they plan, design, and install. Also, they provide a highly qualified service, a quick exchange of devices in the event of a fault, and also operate as well as supply both hardware and software

  • blue networks

    blue networks

    When it comes to re-planning the company's network or adapting to ever-increasing requirements, blue networks is the right partner. In recent years, the company has been looking for services and solutions that specialize in Network, Security, and VoIP. The training and qualification of the entire team are essential to them. The company hears its customers provide the optimal solution to their requirements to develop customers. The company offers their clients with services like design and planning of new network, security, and VoIP-solutions, routing and security concepts, support and planning in rollout projects, development of migrations' ideas and operation, and many more

  • Enea


    Enea is one of the popular suppliers of innovative software components for telecommunications and cybersecurity. The company focuses on areas like cloud-native, 5G-ready products for mobile core, network virtualization, and traffic intelligence. Enea is a global information technology company with its headquarters in Kista, Sweden, that provides real-time operating systems and consulting services. In addition to its line of off the shelf software products, the company also has a global service's operation offering end to end development and support for technology products. This includes design, development, testing and maintenance, and off-shoring. Enea has particular expertise in testing and testing training, telecom applications, and safety and certification

  • Euro Fiber

    Euro Fiber

    Eurofiber is a fast-growing international provider of industry-leading digital infrastructure. With their fiber-optic network and high-quality data centers, they provide companies, government bodies, and non-profit organizations a future proof infrastructure. The company's vision is of an open network with infrastructure and ICT services being offered separately, allowing everyone the freedom to choose their services, applications, and providers as their own needs evolve. The infrastructure provides the basis for a smarter and more efficient deployment of resources, enabled by a permanent exchange and the unlimited availability of data. This is how the company is paving the way towards a Smart Society

  • Flowmon


    Flowmon Networks empowers businesses to manage and secure their computer networks confidently. Through their high-performance network monitoring technology and lean-forward behavior analytics, IT pros worldwide benefit from absolute network traffic visibility to enhance network & application performance and deal with modern cyber threats. Driven by a passion for technology, the company is leading the way of NetFlow/IPFIX network monitoring that is high performing, scalable, and easy to use. The world's largest businesses, internet service providers, government entities, or even small and midsize companies rely on Flowmon's solutions to take control over their networks, keep order, and overcome uncertainty

  • Prodata Systems

    Prodata Systems

    A Belgian IT integrator Prodata Systems has been managing complex and business-critical environments for many years. The Prodata Systems team guarantees optimal flexibility in meeting the customers' most demanding requirements, and by partnering with state of the art vendors, the company ensures continuity and security of the clients' IT infrastructure and systems. The company's professional network solution engineers design, implement and maintain any aspect of the customers' datacenter, networking, security, and mobile & workplace needs. Prodata System team is built on experience and managed with care to offer the best solutions to the clients

  • Smartoptics


    Smartoptics provides innovative optical networking solutions and devices for the new era of open networking. They focus on solving network challenges and increasing the competitiveness of our customers. The company's customer base includes thousands of enterprises, governments, cloud providers, Internet exchanges as well as cable and telecom operators. Smartoptics leverage modern software design principles and expand network horizons by having an open networking approach in everything they do. This allows the customers to break unwanted vendor lock-in, remain flexible, and minimize costs. The solutions are also based on open networking standards and are used in metro and regional network applications that increasingly rely on data center services and specifications