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Top 10 Networking Solution Companies in Europe - 2020

As enterprises are hastily moving their IT infrastructures to the cloud, there is enormous pressure on them to build a network that can sustain and support these digitalisation initiatives. As a result, the IT networking landscape is at the centre of a maelstrom of changes that are happening at all levels of the stack, from infrastructure to applications. The IT teams are increasingly implementing advanced platforms, tools, and methodologies to usher the legacy networks into a new digital era. They are creating networks that can support the leading-edge technologies and services while also extending the reach of the corporate network footprint.

To create an intelligent and responsive network infrastructure, IT teams are combining analytics with virtualisation today. In that regard, how IT teams choose their tools to design an automated, virtualised, programmable, scalable, and secure IT environment will determine whether their digitalisation initiatives would be a success or failure.

On that front, the technological trends such as software-defined wide area networking (SD-WAN), Wi-Fi 6, and multi-domain control, together with virtual networking, are playing a prominent role in shaping the networks of the future. For instance, the growth of multi-cloud networking is already forcing many enterprises to align their networks in favour of SD-WAN. It is aiding enterprises to achieve branch connectivity without breaking their bank. SD-WAN is also bringing in much business value by enabling connectivity that ushers in innovative projects. Similarly, Wi-Fi 6 A.K.A.802.11ax is the latest development in the field of wireless connectivity that is expected to change the face of networking solutions. Notably, it increases the device density that can independently coexist in a single space without impacting the speed on a single device. And meanwhile, multi-domain integration is also on the rise, which lets users set policies to apply uniform access controls regardless of where they connect to the network.

At this juncture, there is a variety of networking solution providers available in the market that cater to the different needs of the enterprises. To help them choose the solution provider that best fits their requirement, Enterprise Networking Magazine has compiled a list of the top 10 networking solution providers in Europe. The enlisted solution providers are the frontrunners in the market that provide a wide span of features. Besides, the magazine also comprises insights from thought leaders in the sector on the industry trends, best practices, recent innovations, and their advice for the aspiring CIOs.

We present to you Enterprise Networking Magazine’s, “Top 10 Networking Solution Providers in Europe – 2020.”

    Top Networking Solution Companies in Europe

  • 6WIND is a networking software company and the worldwide leader in vRouter solutions. The company’s 6WINDGate - the source code foundation - illuminates the company’s networking competencies for OEM operations where the software, designed for tier 1 networks, empowers clients to build new products and solutions for 5G, SD-WAN, and IoT markets. Based on this technology, 6WIND developed its vRouters and Virtual Accelerator solutions. The Company’s vRouter solutions bring to the forefront performance, security, along with flexibility, and virtualization capabilities enabling software to replace hardware routing devices without compromising on features or performance. The Virtual Accelerator software strengthens virtualization infrastructures by addressing the performance bottlenecks and enhancing the networking capabilities of hypervisors while preserving the flexibility and benefits of virtualization. 6WIND has a global presence with Headquarters based in Paris, France and in Santa Clara, California

  • Colt Technology Services

    Colt Technology Services

    Colt provides high bandwidth services for enterprises and wholesale customers in Europe, Asia and North America’s largest business hubs. Colt enables the digital transformation of businesses through its intelligent, purpose-built, cloud-integrated network, known as the Colt IQ Network

  • consistec Engineering & Consulting GmbH

    consistec Engineering & Consulting GmbH

    consistec Engineering & Consulting GmbH is an innovative company on a mission to create increased business value for organizations by using their network data. The company offers caplon, a suite of high-performance network tracing and monitoring solutions that monitor quality, performance, and security of the IT and OT infrastructure as well as critical business applications. The company has built cutting-edge technologies that can capture data without even a single packet loss even at very high data rates. With a built-in data analysis mechanism, consistec’s solutions provide a comprehensive view of all processes running in the network and full control over their IT and OT infrastructures from the operations and security perspective

  • Eurofiber Belgium

    Eurofiber Belgium

    Eurofiber is a fast growing international provider of industry leading digital infrastructure. With its fiber optic network and high quality datacenters the company provide companies, government bodies and non-profit organisations a future proof infrastructure

  • Infovista


    Infovista is the leader in modern network performance that provides complete visibility and unprecedented control to deliver brilliant experiences and maximum value with its client's network and applications. At the core of its approach are data and analytics, to give clients real-time insights and make critical business decisions

  • Keysight Technologies

    Keysight Technologies

    Helps businesses accelerate their network and data centre innovations for electronic design, test, and performance optimisation with solutions for design simulation, prototype validation, and manufacturing test. The company’s goal is to enable customers to uncover issues early, optimise performance, and quickly introduce new products within their cost envelope without compromising quality. Recently, Keysight announced its new network test solution—N4891A 400GBASE FEC-aware compliance test solution, which helps customers identify performance and interoperability issues, early in the design and validation process of their data centre-related devices. With its N4891A 400GBASE, Keysight is helping the industry transition from 400GE readiness to massive 400GE deployments

  • LANCOM Systems GmbH

    LANCOM Systems GmbH

    LANCOM Systems is the leading European manufacturer of secure, reliable and future-proof networking (WAN, LAN, WLAN) and firewall solutions for the public and private sectors. The company combines hardware business with virtual network components and Cloud-based software-defined networking (SDN). The result is a unique portfolio of on-premises and Cloud solutions with a central platform for SD-WAN, SD-LAN, SD-WLAN & SD-Security

  • Telco Systems

    Telco Systems

    Telco Systems delivers an industry-leading portfolio of SDN/NFV, Carrier Ethernet and MPLS-based demarcation, aggregation and edge solutions, enabling service providers to create intelligent, service-assured, CE 2.0-compliant networks for mobile backhaul, business services and cloud networking

  • Waystream AB

    Waystream AB

    Waystream AB, located in Kista, Sweden, is a leading Swedish provider of active equipment for fiber to the home networks (FTTH). The company develop network products for communication over fiber that are reliable, easy to operate and deliver great services

  • Xena Networks

    Xena Networks

    Xena develops the world's best Ethernet T&M tools for performance and functional testing in R&D, QA, and manufacturing environments. The company's global customer base comprises equipment manufacturers, chip manufacturers, government and defense contractors, service providers, enterprises, and academia